About Me

Who are you?

My name is Karl, and I’m a husband, father of one, and a software developer. I’m currently based out of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. I like football, long distance running, mountain biking, most kinds of music, movies and gaming.

I’m a Linux enthusiast and I run Arch or Ubuntu Linux on most of my PCs at home.

In former lives, I’ve written .NET web systems for the NHS, cross-platform C++ for ACTIV Financial Systems, and now I’m starting a new journey developing robotics systems in C++ for Amazon. I like to dabble in many different programming languages including Python, Ruby, C#, PHP and Javascript, and occasionally even shell scripts. I’m qualified with a BSc in Computer Programming, which I achieved at Teesside University with first class honours.

What is this place?

This is mainly a place where I keep my thoughts and links to my various different projects. You can find most of my projects on my Github or on my portfolio page.